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Logos Bible software 3 review

This is a search program for the Bible that really performs. The interfaces on this program are truly overwhelming. Take for instance a few of these from the home version:

  • 12 Different Bible Translations
  • Greek Lexicon and Greek Dictionary
  • Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon
  • Original Language Tools
  • Bible Commentaries
  • Apologetics


This is an edited list as there are over 30 more books included and 6 add-ins (just in the home version; the other versions have more). That is a whole lot of information! What is more is the functionality of this program. There are study aids that will give you the definition of a word and then read it to you in the original language. You can look up scriptures by word, topic or passage and a few mouse clicks away are the other places in the Bible the topic is discussed. There are so many great features it is hard to know what to list first. 

This software is truly amazing for any Christian interested in getting an in-depth Bible study. Some of the new additions include an English-Greek reverse interlinear Bibles. This is a way to study the original language of the Bible and its meaning keeping the original order of the words as they were written.

This is a fantastic Bible study software package that will enhance the growing process of any committed Christian.

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