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Summary of books of the Bible

 Summary of books of the Bible.


New Testament, 27 books

Matthew to Revelation

Listen as this church youth group raps through the names of the books of the Bible.


Book Type of literature Highlights
Matthew History; Gospel Christ portrayed as the King; written to Jews
Mark History; Gospel Christ portrayed as a servant; written to Romans
Luke History; Gospel Christ portrayed as humble; written to Greeks (or Gentiles)
John History; Gospel Christ portrayed as the God-man; written to all
Acts History; Written by Luke History of the early church; Book is unfinished
Romans Letter of Paul A light and way into the whole Scriptures
1Corinthians Letter of Paul Speaks of the Lordship of Christ
2Corinthians Letter of Paul Warns of Heretics (saying circumcision is necessary for salvation) creeping in their church
Galatians Letter of Paul Defends "the just shall live by faith" as opposed to circumcision is necessary for salvation
Ephesians Letter of Paul Stresses the great truth of Christian unity
Philippians Letter of Paul Paul's thank you letter for the Philippians' gift; Speaks of joy
Colossians Letter of Paul Affirms the pre-eminence of Christ and His all-sufficiency for us
1Thessalonians Letter of Paul Teaches fundamentals of the Christian faith and Christ's return for His saints
2Thessalonians Letter of Paul Teaches Christ's return with His saints
1Timothy Letter of Paul Teaches how to be effective in ministry; Emphasizes ideal church
2Timothy Letter of Paul Teaches how to be effective in ministry; Emphasizes ideal pastor
Titus Letter of Paul Speaks on order, ordination and organization of the church
Philemon Letter of Paul Paul pleads with Philemon to forgive his converted runaway (and thief) slave, Onesimus
Hebrews Letter Reveals the superiority of Christ and the Christian faith
James Letter of James Speaks on practice and morals of holy living
1Peter Letter of Peter Gives comfort and encouragement to persecuted believers
2Peter Letter of Peter Rebukes the unfaithful among the professing disciples of Christ
1John Letter of John Rebukes the dangerous heresy of gnosticism; Assures those who obey, love one another, and have the indwelt Holy Spirit
2John Letter of John Defends truth and rebukes false teachers
3John Letter of John Speaks on hospitality
Jude Letter of Jude Short summary of Biblical history and salvation facts
Revelation Prophecy of John Symbolic story of the unveiling of Jesus Christ


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