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 Summary of books of the Bible.

Old Testament 4

Joel to Malachi


Book Type of literature Highlights
Joel Prophecy Message that genuine repentance precedes real revival
Amos Prophecy Message of national punishment for national sins according to the amount of understanding that nation has
Obadiah Prophecy Warning to Edom and to anyone who defies the nation of Israel
Jonah Prophecy Prophecies against the city of Nineveh; Account of Jonah swallowed by a whale; Nineveh repents and is spared
Micah Prophecy Prophecies to Samaria and Jerusalem, but mainly to Judah that through present judgment future blessing appears
Nahum Prophecy Prophecies judgment against the city of Nineveh; Nineveh is destroyed
Habakkuk Prophecy Habakkuk questions God why He lets sin go unpunished and God answers him
Zephaniah Prophecy A survey of God's universal government, although speaking of Judah and Jerusalem
Haggai Prophecy Message of encouragement to those restoring the temple after the captivity
Zechariah Prophecy Zechariah was the prophet of the advent of the Messiah
Malachi Prophecy Message to reform the Israelites moral and spiritual life

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